What’s in your customers’ shopping cart?

Holiday shopping is getting into full swing as we are only a few days away from Black Friday, and perhaps more importantly, Cyber Monday.  This season, Digital Law Group wants to make sure consumers are buying your products, and not counterfeits or knock offs from third party websites.

Sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are great channels to sell products to the masses; however, unless monitored on a regular basis, these sites enable third-party sellers of counterfeit, and in some cases, damaged or expired goods, to cut into your profits.

Alibaba should be of particular concern for many sellers because counterfeit goods are sold on a colossal scale.  For example, consumer electronic sellers (e.g., Bose, Beats by Dre) can easily have tens of thousands of counterfeit listings on Alibaba.  This not only makes it difficult for consumers to identify who the underlying seller is and whether the product is legitimate, but it also makes it difficult for you to know whether your authorized distributor is behind the listings.

Policing the sale of your goods online can be daunting and time consuming if your product is being heavily infringed upon. It also doesn’t help that each marketplace has a different system, some more user friendly than others, for reporting and ultimately removing counterfeit goods, and at times, storefronts.

This holiday season, make sure your customers are buying from you or your authorized sellers.  Digital Law Group has extensive takedown experience and knows how to most efficiently navigate each platform’s reporting system.

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