Educate. Empower. Protect.

We specialize in intellectual property, contracting, licensing, corporate matters and dispute resolution.  Whether you are a startup, inventor, product owner, marketer, or advertiser, we are here to support your mission and help navigate you to success.

Inventor Services

Have a new invention idea? We want to hear from you. Before you start spending time and money, talk to our Inventor Relations team who have direct experience bringing viable, profitable products to market.

Intellectual Property

Let us guide you through the decision-making process of whether, when and where to file for a patent, trademark and/or copyright.

We are pleased to offer flat-rate pricing for all IP applications, as well as cost-effective tactics to enforce your rights against infringers.

Contract Negotiation

We have seen every lopsided deal you can think of! Start-up related matters and licensing deals are our specialty. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of a proposed deal and consistently deliver the most favorable terms on your behalf.

Have Legal Troubles?

Need to stop an infringer? Defend a patent? Are you on the receiving end of a subpoena from the FTC or a state AG? Break up with your business partner? The list goes on. Our attorneys have an excellent track record resolving legal woes on a cost-effective basis.

Are companies stealing
your inventions?

Our goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls of product innovation; from securing patents and trademarks to negotiating smart licensing agreements and policing Amazon or other e-commerce platforms for infringement and counterfeits. We help inventors successfully launch, profit and protect your business from unscrupulous actors.