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For most companies — intellectual property (IP) is either a key asset or a thorn in a company’s side. With the proliferation of AI generative technologies, extra care is needed when preparing any contract that touches on IP ownership.

IP can be licensed, sold, used to create a new business, integrated with other, existing IP, or made part of a joint venture. IP contracts include non-disclosure, license agreements, employee agreements, and others.

A rule to keep in mind when doing business that involves your intellectual property is – Always use written agreements and make sure that, where relevant, your IP is covered in these contracts.

Business Protection You Can Trust

We provide practical and robust intellectual property guidance for start-ups, scale-ups and bigger businesses that fit your budget. If you have a product that has multiple years of shelf life, you’ll likely need a patent. For some businesses, trademarks and copyrights may provide sufficient protection. Other considerations include – what states or countries to file your applications.

Here are a few of the services we provide:

  • Trademarks – protecting your brand, logo or other marks to distinguish your business
  • Copyrights – protecting images, videos and other artistic expressions
  • IP protection in employment and commercial contracts
  • Licensing intellectual property
  • Design rights and patents
  • Defending and enforcing
  • Infringement claims
  • Customs & Border Control Registrations
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