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Helping Your Business Scale

In the growth phase, your focus will shift to scaling your customer base, reaching rapid revenue growth, and expanding your management team and workforce. You will face a new and increasingly complex set of business objectives and challenges. Having an experienced growth phase lawyer on your team will be critical to reaching your next-phase goals.

  • Establish and terminate relationships with vendors, distributors, employees and independent contractors
  • Corporate Governance and
  • Board Management
  • Executive and equity
  • Compensation
  • Identify targets for acquisition
  • Employment Matters
  • Licensing, Joint Venture and
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Growth through Mergers and
  • Acquisitions

If we take big risks without discipline and wisdom, then we’re not innovative, we’re just dumb. As every entrepreneur knows, there’s no way to escape complications and setbacks when running a business.

But business is not just about taking the good with the bad. To be successful, you’ll have to embrace challenges for what they are: opportunities in disguise. To tackle these challenges, practice discipline and stay focused on your vision.

Set realistic goals and be patient — success takes time. Also, get to know your industry and learn from those who have already achieved success. Finally, when you feel you are out on a limb, don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice. With the right tools and strategies, you can turn any setback into an opportunity.

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