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How can Phillips & Sutherland help you protect your future?


Product marketing is essential to the success of your business, but misleading claims and billing practices can also get you into hot water with regulatory agencies such as the FTC, FDA and state Attorneys General. At Digital Law Group, we advise you to be proactive, and work with you to eliminate red flags before they give rise to governmental scrutiny and potentially large financial penalties that can significantly harm your bottom line.

We work hard to ensure your campaigns meet all relevant regulations and consumer protection guidelines by reviewing infomercial scripts, product packaging and labeling, e-commerce websites, and payment and return policies.

Contracts & Negotiation

Whether you are starting a new venture, developing a product to distribute yourself, or licensing an invention to a large distributor, the contracts you sign along the way can make or break your success. A contract that on its face appears to have favorable terms, may have devious, buried language that is disastrous to your bottom line, and could even undermine your rights to your own property. Trust us – we’ve seen it.

It is imperative to have a legal team who knows the product industry and how to draft and negotiate strong deals that will reflect your objectives and protect you if things go south. Digital Law Group is that team.


As most product marketers are aware, Amazon has a serious problem with counterfeits. What’s worse, is that many of the counterfeits are so convincing, consumers are unaware that they purchased a fake product.  Although not all consumers are feeling the effects of the counterfeit pandemic (except that “brand name” products are of poorer quality than expected), product owners and marketers have been paying the price in terms of lost sales and goodwill for years. Fortunately, we have your back.

Digital Law Group offers a customizable Amazon monitoring program.  Through this service, we search for, verify and remove counterfeit and otherwise infringing listings from the platform.  Additionally, we can guide you through the best practices on the platform to maximize your sales and minimize infringement. 

Cyber Security & Online Privacy

It seems that every year online privacy regulations are changing and becoming more stringent. Consumers have growing rights; which can be quite daunting and burdensome to those operating e-commerce businesses.

Whether it’s the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) or EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), just to name a few, Digital Law Group can draft your privacy policies and guide your team regarding best in-house compliance practices.