Advertising plans that help your enterprise grow

Why Marketing is Essential

You need a marketing plan that is controlled, the best way to do that is research and practice. Analyzing your customers’ behavior and researching their actions.

Successful marketing requires a very involved and detailed process. We can help you with all of your questions and goals.

The main goal is to identify your ideal customer and gain their attention, especially to what you are offering.

Our Marketing Process

At the most basic level, we start with your business. Who do you work with? Are you thinking about that now? Good. What is it they like most about your product or services? Now think about the four P’s; Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. These help create the perfect concoction to properly market  your products and services. There are many different forms of marketing; Influencer, Relationship, Viral, Green, Keyword, and Guerilla. They’re all important to understand and no one knows them better than Phillips & Sutherland. Using proprietary tactics we can transform your business and help it grow to it’s fullest potential.